Corrine De Winter gave me a reading tonight. Super grateful for what she was able to pick up on my current feelings and vibrations, problems at work, she even connected with my passed loved one and confirmed several things no one would know. Thank you so much. I’m feeling so amazed right now.

-Jenna Lee Akins

Corrine De Winter De Winter, you are a very very special lady with a golden gift. I cannot put into words how amazed I am by the wonderful reading that you have given me and you lovely encouraging advice. I feel so lucky that you have given some of your time and energy, and that you have been sent to me at the right time with the right advice. Love peace and harmony to you.

-Andrea Keegan

Corrine De Winter gave me an amazing reading last night. She connected with my sister Debbie that had recently passed away. It was so nice to have some closure. No one would pick up on things that she knew if she wasn’t connected to her. You are an amazing individual. Anyone who you connect with can consider them very lucky. Thanks a lot.

-Denise Love

I just had an outstanding reading with Corrine. She contacted my Dad and reminded me of many things my dad and I knew. Was a magic moment– I truly appreciate it. I highly recommend Corrine De Winter. Impossible to forget. Blessings.

-Corina Castillo

Such a blessing to have been the recipient of a reading from Corrine De Winter today (11.08.17). Corrine brought through my grandmother and my great grandfather. The information provided was precise with very good evidential information and memory link.

-Virginia Walters

Corrine De Winter!! You blew my mind!!! I cannot believe how spot on you were with many things!! My heart is so happy now! I never imagined ever receiving the information that I received tonight! You are a truly amazing person with a very beautiful gift! Thank you so much! Love and light!! xx

-Vanna Marie Davis

I just had a quick message from Corrine in regards to a photo of the guy I thought I would spend the rest of my life with but sadly he left this earth, if you didn’t know us you wouldn’t know our relationship was so much with music and she hit the nail on the head xx thank you! 🙂

-Celia Hobbs

Corrine De Winter gave me a reading last night. My mom went to her. She validated in many ways and did an over all spot on job. Thank you for you time and energy, Corrine!!

-Ashley Lynn Signor

I got a reading from Corrine De Winter just now. She was so very kind and understanding. I just want to say thank you for sharing your gift. I wish I could afford to pay for more readings so ALL of my questions could be answered but I appreciate you taking the time to communicate with me and help me to try to understand the issues in my life.

-Kelley Rogers

First I just want to say thank you to Corrine for the reading I received. She picked up on a couple specific things I have been very worried about lately and reassured me that everything will be okay in the end. She also picked up on my loved one who gave me a great message. I have wanted to hear from him for awhile now. She has a very special gift and I am thankful to have received a reading from her. 💖

-Kesha Kaufman

Corrine De Winter gave me much needed peace after my father passed only a month or so ago , she validated quite a bit of detail and she also had a lot of Words of Wisdom to me just on the afterlife. Thank you so much.

-Kimberly White Larson

Corrine De Winter was awesome with helping me figuring out my career path.

-Kisauna Walker

Corrine De Winter has given me two spot-on readings! Not only is she 100% right, but she leaves me feeling lighter and better than I was before speaking with her. She connected with my dad and said his name! She has been spot on about my relationship both times speaking with her.

-Hollie Ayers Vissepo

Had the lovely opportunity to have a reading with Corrine and all I can say is that she is extremely gifted and accurate and connected with my life situations / names very well!!! Bless you wonderful Soul 🙂 i recommend Corrine with all my heart x x x

-Natalia Elena Proca

Was blessed with being drawn to for a reading tonight. It took a minute to realize who the J name was but when I realized it was my uncle Joe he was the last person I expected to hear from…yet it made sense. I am disabled and he was also disabled and wheelchair bound. The messages from my family to stop worrying about so many things were really what I needed to hear. Loved the reading and it meant a lot!

-Rita Gallegos

I had a reading; it was beautiful and I know my son came through, thank you so much, Corrine De Winter. 

-Wendy Sherrie Fogden

I want to thank Corrine De Winter for a short reading she gave me just now. She was right on target about my deceased husband 🙏❤️

-Dhyana Devarajan

Great reader. Thank you, Corinne.

-Brianna Jones

Corrine has a truly very special and unique gift that amazes me every time. She has given me two readings and each time the details and accuracy to people, places, and events, just give me goosebumps, knowing she has no knowledge of what we discussed. Some things I actually came to find out she knew before I did which was even more amazing. HIGHLY recommend, 5 stars.

– Brent M.