Saved by Faith-
Houdini and the kisses he gave
His wife before he went,
Head first into the tank of water.
All those nights,
Heavily chained and holding his breath
Until his heart stood still
Inside of his chest.
Every lover is an escapist
But these hands and mouths,
Trespasses and deep spaces
Are things beyond the map
You hide in the hem
Of your shirt.


I am 2 feathers held
In your fingers,
A shooting star
Within the walls of a theatre.
And I cannot rest
Thinking of you
With la luna on your tongue
And snowfall turning
You prematurely grey.


The movie set, walls
crepe thin,
The neighborhood is pretend.
Doors lead to nothing.
There is no soul food
This way.

After insomnia
Cigarettes early in the morning
At the Super 8.

Return to Hollywood
And every ghost nailed
On the sidewalk
in five pointed gold.