• Bram Stoker Award nominated: Pocket sized collection of unforgettable poems concerning love and the labyrinth it brings us to.
  • Poetry by Corrine De Winter, an accomplished poet. Note from the illustrator, Marge Simon (2008 Stoker Winner:) De Winter's masterful verse awakens awe with every stroke. It was sheer pleasure to illustrate this marvelous collection. May you wander freely through the treasures herein, and come away in wonderment reading lines like these: 'I have only these hands/of pale comfort,/of wilderness and discretion,/of atom bombs and struggle,/of ecstasy and clay/to save you.'" [scrapeazon asin="0981636594"]
  • Poems in Memory of Kurt Cobain (1994) Written at the death of Kurt.
  • Bram Stoker Award nominated Collection. Classic gothic and sensual verse.

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