And Delilah said Come,

Sit down beside me,

Rest you head against my knees.


And Delilah sang softly to him

And stroked his hair

Back away from his eyes.


And Samson’s hair in the sunlight

Shined with flecks of gold

  And amber.


And Delilah said Come

Tell me everything that is

  In your heart,

      What  gives you strength?


And Samson was weakened

By Delilah’s fingers

Tangled in his hair,

  And her voice drumming gently

        In his ears.


And when he had told her his strength

She called the lions in

And they gave her money for the news.


And as Samson lay sleeping

Against the warmth of Delilah’s skin

The men came

To shave off the seven locks

                  On his head.


And that was not enough

To keep Samson dormant

So they took crude tools

And gouged both his eyes out.


And Delilah was sorry

He could not see her smile.