15 min. $15.00
30 min. $30.00
60 min. $60.00

To get a reading from Corrine, first go to SHOP on the menu and choose and purchase which reading length you prefer. Then send email by choosing CONTACT ME at bottom of home page to set up Skype or telephone reading.

Preferred reading hours: 3pm – 10pm EST.


It is not essential, but it helps if you are well hydrated. If you are receiving a mediumship reading please ask your Loved Ones to come and join you during the reading. Believe me, this makes a big difference!  Have your questions ready and have a paper and pen handy to write down any information that is given- often, when something does not make sense to you, it will later. This is called “Psychic Amnesia” and happens often! Open your mind to receive the information provided to you, and most of all, ask within to remove any “walls” down that you may have unknowingly created which will block your clear and accurate reading.