Through The Heart


THROUGH THE HEART   I laid awake with palpitations all night, unable to smooth them out. I thought of how you would hold me to you like we were at the edge of an abyss. And how it was that before all of this I never knew your face or heard your voice.  And then all at once that I needed more than anything to look at you, touch the reality of you and hear you say my name. Yes, in another world we were on our way, driving down the remains of Route 66. We stayed in motels with names like Candle [...]

Valentines For The Dead


VALENTINES FOR THE DEAD   Dear Jonathon, It's Friday night and Billie Holiday's not singing. I've thought of you constantly since Wednesday night. I stamped all my emotions on paper and tried to remember your face and warmth when we danced. When we came into the city that afternoon through Queens we passed a cemetery where the coffins were buried upright. There were so many headstones and markers they seemed to litter the space, a conglomeration like some macabre skyline rising and falling and tripping over itself. Heads closer to Heaven. Honey, you know about desire. It lays down beside [...]

Boys Who Sing


Another angel I saw In a bee out of season Trying to move through glass. In a blind kitten Abandoned on the fairgrounds.   When I was 17 I was in love with a rock star, a singer. The first time I met him he was sitting in a church pew inside a club in New Haven. Pigeon-toed, he sat there leaning forward toward nothing, holding a Beck's beer in his hand. When we said goodbye he kissed me and held my hand for as long as it took me to walk an arm's length away. The languid fluidity, the casual soulful-ness of him would surface [...]

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