Psychic Reading review

"Corrine has a truly very special and unique gift that amazes me every time. She has given me two readings and each time the details and accuracy to people, places, and events, just give me goosebumps, knowing she has no knowledge of what we discussed. Some things I actually came to find out she knew before I did which was even more amazing. HIGHLY recommend, [...]

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The Sensitive Soul’s Guide to Waking Up

This is your wake up call, and not a moment too soon- Spirit, Faith, Hope, Love.This is your wake up call, and you are just in time to open your mind and heart in making your life meaningful and abundant with mystery and hope. This is the Season of Waking Up & you have just taken the first step. $9.99 paperback

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Magdelene Complex

I could put these time bombs In a God-jar, let some higher angel Keep them. Cigarettes. Music. Weeds. Grace. The men I love, born with the mercy card up their sleeve. Impossible to make a voodoo doll of. I look at the dark, soft hair reaching below the ears, their Jesus complex, how it's necessary for them to have at least 7 followers. Each one [...]

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Magdelene’s Dream

As wistful as any portrait from El Libro de Santos was the dream of a spear branding me a sinner. Little by little I see clear to giving myself away. This rib for Moses, this rib for Michael. This rib for James, and this for John, the deserter and Jesus the enforcer. Their bellies are full of me. You need to know lust has a [...]

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Souvenirs of Love

The bone fetish close in your shirt pocket, the worry beads, the medicine stone. Your Souvenirs of Love. Where I write there is an iridescent morpho butterfly from Brazil, three times the size of a monarch, pinned in a black frame so that its colors are the only movement it can make. Souvenirs of Love. The morphine inside us, the poppy springing from our mouths. [...]

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