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William Packard

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“Find your center. Stay there.” But I am the point in the dart Aiming for the bulls- eye And missing more often than not. Land on 13, 1, 3- you know, odd numbers. If I could find the center, The tender middle, I would perhaps be devoured.   William, you told me to stay honest, And then left For another pasture. What can I do, but keep wandering, Keep following the bees For something sweeter?  

To Wake Without Hunger

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Cigarettes in the snow Outside the Rehab house.   There was something familiar About the addicts faces- A haunted, starved look As though they just emerged from a long, arduous war. Their skin had not seen the sun for awhile.   Did they even remember childhood, How it felt before the hunt began? To wake up without hunger, To see a landscape that didn’t include Nooses hanging from the trees?